The name Graphene is an ideal
representation of our core
Just like the nanomaterial for which we're named,
we bring strength, transparency and flexibility to
everything we do. Those principles provide sturdy
support for our singular mission.
To propel future-shaping tech startups toward
extraordinary growth, and maximize returns for all
Our performance indicates strength far beyond our size. As serial entrepreneurs, we have a profound understanding of the startup landscape, and offer pivotal insights to our founder partners, compounded by our powerful network of international contacts in Silicon Valley and beyond.
We're prepared to do whatever it takes to propel the growth of our partners, and the returns for our investors. Our personal entrepreneurial experiences have shaped us into agile, open-minded strategists, hardwired to adapt at the speed of growth.
is transparent.
We believe that transparency is an essential foundation for fruitful partnerships. Our experience has taught us that clear and direct communications foster stronger relationships, and open channels bring people closer. We place a priority on honest, constructive feedback that propels us all forward.
Above all, we are relentlessly pursuing growth.
We build the companies we invest in.
More than investors, our partners consider us trusted advisors, adding value at every stage and step along the way. As serial founders, we're familiar with the dynamics of a startup, and bring crucial insights toward strategy and international operations to support the business as it scales for growth.
Added value
We connect to a larger community.
We propel startups forward by leveraging opportunities toward their growth. Through our strong personal ties with dozens of Fortune 1000 companies, we offer our startup partners access to a rich ecosystem of growth catalysts and connections to help them scale quickly.
We are partial to potential.
Our broad experience and well-rounded expertise empower us to find and fund companies with the most potent potential. We're looking for those that bridge the gap between vision and execution to produce a truly landmark result. Every company in our portfolio has one thing in common – uncommon potential for growth.